Hello, I'm Ilango Rajagopal 👋

I'm a software engineer from Bangalore, India.

I build things for the internet. I write about React.js, Next.js, Node.js, AWS, Software Engineering, DevOps and Cloud Computing.

Every Friday, I send out a new issue of Fullstack Friday. I share the things I've learned, read, listened to and watched in the world of web development.

Latest Articles

Getting started in Terraform

A complete Terraform tutorial covering fundamental topics like infrastructure as code, terraform providers, state, terraform plan and terraform apply.

Getting started with TailwindCSS

Tailwind works by exposing a ton of CSS utility classes. But that line doesn't even begin to cover how powerful it makes you as a web developer.

Production-grade AWS architecture [Part 4]: Networking

Networking in AWS spans multiple services. Each has its own set of features that provides an incredible level of flexibility for your needs.

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